Unfortunately, Computer Companions is no longer serving the Lancaster PA area. Thank you for your understanding.

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About Us

Our mission

At Computer Companions, our goal is to get good, honest tech help to the people who need it most.

Our story

We founded Computer Companions because we noticed a major problem: Tech companies keeps innovating and changing their products, but guidance and training on these devices continues to decline. While this isn't an issue for some people, it's especially challenging for seniors trying to keep up with the everchanging digital world. At Computer Companions, we try to fill that gap with honest tech help for affordable prices.

Five years later, we're continuing to live up to our original goal. We're constantly updating our services and streamlining our infrastructure to ensure we can get help to our customers quickly and affordably. Interestingly, though, we remain the only company that truly embodies these principles. Our top competitors are big-box stores whose main goal is to upsell you on useless goods and services, and tech repair services that focus on hardware repair rather than basic assistance. In other words, ComputerCompanions is not only the best in its class, it's the only in it's class!

The man behind the curtain

Hello, my name is Sam. I'm the founder (and manager, and technician, and customer service representative… you get the picture) of Computer Companions. I graduated from Manheim Township High School and am dedicated to serving the seniors in my community. I can't wait to meet you and help you get to know your technology!
Want to learn more about me? Please visit my website at SamuelHaines.com.